Message from the WDC President: Welcome to the first edition of the WDC newsletter

It will be a periodic newsletter launched by the World Diamond Council to highlight the work that we and our members do to safeguard the integrity of both the diamond and the diamond value chain.

Enable Africa’s artisanal miners become entrepreneurs, WDC Executive Director tells forum

Expanding the scope of the Kimberley Process to include issues related to human rights and labor relations will help create conditions in which Sub-Saharan Africa’s  artisanal diamond miners can meet their economic potential.

WDC welcomes UN General Assembly resolution calling for reforms to enhance effectiveness of KP

The resolution calls for a strengthening of the Kimberley Process (KP), to more effectively sever the link between the illicit transaction of rough diamonds and armed conflict.

KP must grasp opportunity to correct its limitations, WDC President to tell special UN General Assembly meeting

The meeting is being conducted as part the United Nations General Assembly’s 73rd Session, and is entitled “From blood diamonds to peace diamonds: conflict prevention through the Kimberley Process.”

WDC release 08-03-2018