WDC Members Making a Difference: A diamond manufacturer living by the maxim of Mahatma Gandhi

At the community level, Dimexon Diamonds provides funding and support for educational institutes and employee-managed volunteer teaching programs. To improve workplace and living standards for its employees, it provides both environmental protection and health care awareness programs.

WDC welcomes a new member: Shreekunj AAI Limited

Established in 2017  in Kolkata in the Indian State of West Bengal,  Shreekunj AAI Limited is a diamond and gemstone company serving the regional jewelry market.

Message from the WDC Vice President: United resolve and cooperation will push us forward

Governments, communities, employees, and many other stakeholders rely on the strength of the positive impact that diamonds deliver, so I’m excited to help lead the WDC’s continued drive for progress and look forward to working in a proactive, cooperative and transparent manner.

Eight words and a set of conventions that expand the scope of the WDC System of Warranties

Whereas in the original declaration the seller of diamonds guaranteed that the merchandise is conflict free, “based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds,” in the new SoW the seller guarantees that the diamonds are conflict free “and confirms adherence to the WDC SoW Guidelines.”

Digging Down into the Kimberley Process: Why KP certificates lack a standard format

Each and every KP country – or “KP Participant” in KP-speak – issues certificates that look and feel different to those of its neighbors. Over the years, diamond traders, forwarders, customs agents and law enforcement professionals have complained about the lack of standardization, and how it impacts on them doing their job. For one thing, they say, it makes looking out for counterfeits more complicated than it should be.

Women of the Diamond Industry: A woman of style and influence

The journey I have traveled as a jewelry influencer has not been easy, not least because people would often struggle to understand the role that I play, which is producing original content about jewelry from a personal perspective, which my followers may use to make a purchasing decision.

WDC Members Making a Difference: CIBJO promotes industry’s role as initiator of sustainability

The act of associating itself with ECOSOC and the Millennium Development Goals, and since 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals, has meant a great deal more than just responding to criticism from human rights groups. What CIBJO essentially did was to publicly commit the international jewelry industry, to work towards the fulfilment of the United Nations’ development agenda.

WDC Welcomes New Members: A. Gul KG and Responsible Jewellery Council

A. Gul KG is a leading diamond wholesaler in Germany and the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the leading standards organization of the global jewelry and watch industry.

WDC release 16-3-2021

WDC and RJC enter cross-membership partnership to impact on lives and livelihoods throughout supply chain

The World Diamond Council (WDC) and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) have entered into a cross-membership partnership and signed mutual codes of conduct. The two leading diamond and jewelry industry organizations are dedicated to the adoption of responsible business practices across the supply chain.