27 May 2016

Honorable KP Chair, distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.


On behalf of the WDC I would like to thank the Chair and his team, for the brilliant work that was done to facilitate this productive intercessional here in Dubai.


I would like also to thank the delegations of Australia, EU, US, China, India, UAE, Zimbabwe, DDI and others for the opportunities to exchange our opinions on the current KP agenda, heads and participants of the working groups, all who worked as the team 24 hours a day all this week. Let me summarize what WDC worked on during this intercessional.


We think that the special forum provided by the KP Chair was useful, professionally organized and gave the KP family new ideas and ways to think about the challenges the diamond industry is faced with.


The presentations and discussions dedicated to the valuation of diamonds and its methodologies pointed out that the artisanal mining sector of the diamond supply chain needs to be fully transparent and strengthened by the countries authorities to bring much needed wealth to the nations of the producing countries. The WDC wholly supports the work of the DDI.


As it was mentioned during discussions the main focus should not be the commercial practices of the big mining companies rather those of the small-scale producers to be fully integrated within our respectable industry and contribute to secure consumer confidence all over the world. I believe that this is the right focus and priority. Together with other observes: DDI, CSC, ADPA I hope we can offer our proposals to be added to the KP agenda.


WDC itself will continue to provide input to the activities of the subgroup on valuation to map current valuation methodologies used by KP Participants.


We commend the great work of the Venezuela review mission team and look forward to the final review mission report. We welcome the conclusion of the work and the re-admit of Venezuela to the KP family.


WDC as a part of the monitoring team fully supports the decisions that were made to allow, pending a last important verification, rough exports from the compliant zone of Berberati in CAR. To allow full reintegration of CAR into the KP system in the future, we are committed to provide full assistance to guarantee that no conflict diamonds will infiltrate the supply chain. And that is the common responsibility of all major pillars on which KP is based on: governments, industry and civil society.


As the industry representative we are firmly committed to the tripartite structure of the KP. We regret the fact the CSC and UAE did not find common ground and CSC is not with us here in Dubai. We call on both sides to resume constructive and respectful dialogue to guarantee the unity of the KP family and the integrity of the KP.


In conclusion let me thank again UAE and the Chair personally for hosting us. We have an ambitious and clear agenda to work on till the next meeting here in Dubai for the Plenary.


Thank you.