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The World Diamond Council (WDC) protects the ethical integrity of the jewelry value chain, defending consumer confidence and supporting the ability of nations, communities and individuals in diamond-mining regions to use their natural resources as a means of generating sustainable economic and social opportunities, and a better future for themselves and their children.

The work of the WDC is carried out by its members, who are companies and professional organizations active along the entire value chain, voluntarily contributing time, effort and resources to enable the organization to meet its objectives. They include rough diamond producers, rough and polished diamond traders, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, as well as service providers such as banks, logistic specialists and industry analysts. Many of the industry’s largest corporations are represented, as are medium and small-sized companies.

In an increasingly socially-aware marketplace, the WDC provides its members with the opportunity to actively participate in the development of a more responsible diamond industry, and a platform on which to publicly identify with the organization’s mission and principles. It also is a forum where they may liaise and interact with the industry leadership.

WDC members are entitled to the following rights and benefits:

  • Public recognition on the WDC website, including links to the member’s website and its designated representative’s email address.
  • The right to display the WDC logo on its company or organization website and appropriate marketing materials.
  • The right to stand for election to the WDC Board of Directors, and/or be appointed to one of the WDC’s standing committees.
  • The rights to represent the WDC within the forum of the KP.
  • An invitation to attend the WDC Annual General Meeting.
  • The opportunity to attend the annual KP Intersessional and Plenary meetings, engaging in the work of the KP and liaising with members of industry, governments, civil society and the mass media.
  • Access to WDC communications for up-to-date news on important KP developments.
  • Access to training tools for employees and staff about the KPCS and the WDC System of Warranties.