WDC President Asscher’s video message to the Guangzhou International Jewellery & Diamond Conference

The goals of the World Diamond Council are to preserve and protect the integrity of the Kimberley Process and the entire diamond value chain, WDC President Edward Asscher stressed in a video message during the opening of the the Guangzhou International Jewellery & Diamond Conference on October 29, 2020. This by upholding seven essential principles, which together ensure that diamonds can be sourced responsibly and transparently. They include: complying with internationally accepted standards related to (1) human rights, (2) labor rights, (3) environmental practices, (4) anti-corruption and (5) anti-money laundering. Principle 6 involves the supporting of the development of communities in the mining and production areas, and, finally, Principle 7 covers the disclosing and differentiating between natural and synthetic diamonds.

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