Dear WDC members and other friends,

I am writing to you today to say goodbye. Goodbye and thank you for having provided me with the opportunity to serve and give back to our industry and beyond.

It is an industry I feel extraordinarily privileged to be involved in, handling the most extraordinary mineral I know. Diamonds evoke powerful emotions in almost every single individual who owns or aspires to own them.

I have been involved for about two decades with the Kimberley Process, working to ensure that all people involved in the extraction, processing and delivery of diamonds to consumers, both actively and indirectly, are not detrimentally impacted by their endeavors and those of others, and also that they are treated fairly and truly allowed benefit from their work. At the same time we have seen the launch of important initiatives to complement the KP. I have been active in several of those and I am still committed to serve where possible.

Indeed, we have seen progress. But this is not enough. We must do more, as so many need our care and commitment.

We cannot call ourselves an ethical industry, and at the same time close our eyes to ongoing abuse as most of us did back then in the 1990s. We can only call ourselves committed when we face the inequities that still exist and then do our best to correct them.

Diamonds and all those involved in this industry deserve the best of ourselves.

Rest assured that the incoming WDC team will be as committed as the one that I had the honor to serve alongside. In Edward Asscher, the incoming WDC President, we have an experienced and imaginative leader who is committed to the integrity of our business. I wish him and the other officers the very best of luck and good fortune.

To all those that have played an important role in helping me along all these years, I am very grateful for your support and more important, your trust. I look forward to lasting friendships.

And remember, success is meaningful and forever yours, only when you truly know you have changed lives around you for the better.

Wishing you the best in all that you do.

Stephane Fischler
WDC President
May 2020

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