More than diamonds: A caring global citizen

In 2010 the corporation established the Rosy Blue Foundation, as a vehicle for improving and enhancing the community service commitment of its group of companies.

Making the business of jewelry as democratic as possible

I was told a long time ago at a well-known newspaper that I couldn’t apply for a job because I was a woman and I’d be too emotional. I argued that everyone is emotional, but some people choose to express it which is a strength.

The WDC as a diamond industry representative, within the Kimberley Process and beyond it

While it may not have been immediately apparent during the tumultuous days in 2000, the structure of the WDC enabled the new organization to take a broader perspective than that required by its role within the KP, ensuring its relevance long after the civil wars that prompted the conflict diamond crisis eventually drew to a close.

Message from the WDC President: Promoting and facilitating the positive social and economic role of natural diamonds

We are fully cognizant that the G7 intends implementing a robust system that ensures the segregation of goods of non-Russian origin before they can be traded in their markets, and the G7 Diamond Protocol was designed to achieve that end in a practical manner.

The World Diamond Council welcomes nine new members

The new members are Arslanian Group DMCC, B.A. Asscher, Constell Group, Crodiam Consulting, Diamex, DN Diamonds ,Karshev Jewellery, Matthew Schamroth and Okavango Diamond Company (ODC).

Digging Down into the Kimberley Process: Revealing the dark side of the moon – KP statistics

The KPCS could not credibly operate without each legitimately produced diamond being properly accounted for, and thus the need for reliable statistics was understood from the outset to be of critical importance.

WDC President commends KP Participants and Observers

The 2023 Intersessional Meeting of the Kimberley Process concluded yesterday in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Addressing the closing session of the gathering, World Diamond Council President Feriel Zerouki was positive about headway having been made during the four-day event.

KP’s diversity should be the source of its strength says WDC President

In her first speech to the Kimberley Process as President of the World Diamond Council, Feriel Zerouki has stressed that the diversity of opinion and background of the KP’s members – Participants and Observers alike – should be considered not a deficiency but rather a source of strength.

Feriel Zerouki assumes office as WDC President

She take office following three years as WDC Vice President and almost two decades as a leading advocate for enhancing standards and driving progress within the diamond industry.

Message from the WDC President: The day that changed the trajectory of our year

For those of us who have spent the past 20 years trying to alleviate the effects of bloody conflicts, as well as prevent them from happening, the outbreak of war in Europe, ghastly revealed to us in real time, brought home what others suffered for so many years in Africa, frequently beyond the view of cameras.