WDC President calls for measures enabling diamonds to meet their full developmental potential

He was speaking during the Opening Session of the 2019 Intersessional Meeting of the Kimberley Process (KP), which opened today in the Indian city of Mumbai.

WDC release 17-06-2019

Considering an interdependent value chain, where risk is not equally distributed

Decisions that are taken over the next six months, as part of the review and reform process, will reverberate for years to come and impact lives and livelihoods all the way up and down the diamond value chain.

WDC launches new website, upgrading support and information provided online

More reactive and news-oriented, the new website opens a window into the functioning and approach of the WDC, which for 19 years has represented the diamond and jewelry industries in the tripartite KP forum.

WDC release 31-05-2019

Empowering women empowers the diamond industry

In a business where the overwhelming majority of end-consumers are female, women in the diamond sector are remarkably under-represented.

WDC presents revised System of Warranties at OECD’s Responsible Mineral Supply Chain forum in Paris

During the briefings, WDC President Stephane Fischler described the revised SoW as an “essential building block” for participants in the diamond supply chain towards implementing the OECD’s due diligence guidance for minerals from high-risk areas.

WDC release 24-04-2019

WDC is traveling to Paris, spotlightingOECD’s Responsible Chain Forum Guidance and KP reform

While somewhat narrower in focus than that of the OECD’s full due diligence guidance, it is our strong contention that the SoWs are a crucial component for implementing the OECD system in the diamond supply chain.

WDC expresses concern about pace of reform during 2018 KP Plenary

European Union and the Kimberley Process, in Brussels, Belgium, November 16, 2018. European Commission/Eric Vidal

Nonetheless, the WDC considered as positive the noting in the KP Plenary’s final communique of the submission by the Canadian government of an expanded definition of conflict diamonds, which had been proposed by WDC and its fellow KP observer, the Civil Society Coalition (CSC).